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DIG's gifted experts and scholars use these powerful systems and spiritual tools to assist people in their quest for perspective, clarity and self-discovery.

HoroscopeDLX + AstroSync

AstroSync is the Ultimate Relationship Compatibility Horoscope

AstroSync is a social planning and timing tool that uses Astrology to make it easy for you to relate better in love, work and play. Get guidance from the planets to make the most of any relationship or social connection.

If you've enjoyed your experience with AstroSync™, you'll love our full version on Check your compatibility stats for any date in the future and get unlimited friends!

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Yes or No Tarot

Get clear and definitive answers to your yes or no questions!'s Yes or No Tarot for iPhone & iPad delivers immediate and definitive answers to your yes or no questions. Best suited for yes or no queries that require action, Yes or No Tarot will give a clear answer to questions such as "Should I ask for a raise?" or "Should my partner and I take a break?" In addition to an answer, each card you draw will offer added insight to your issue. Take action on any decision with clear-cut advice. Tap into the power of Tarot! has partnered with author, teacher and award-winning divination scholar Mary K. Greer to create a totally unique and powerful Tarot experience that harnesses the power of the Wheel of Fortune card to give authentic and meaningful advice. is grateful for Mary's unparalleled expertise as our extraordinary resource when developing this amazing and practical Tarot app.


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Horoscopes by

Our basic Horoscope app

The best horoscopes on the web are now at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you need them. Check and easily share daily horoscopes and weekly love horoscopes for you and your friends. You'll never be caught off-guard again thanks to this daily dose of insight and advice.


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