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Venus Retrograde: Sleeping Beauty

As an Astrologer who is Venus ruled, I take her retrograde periods personally. If you are a Taurus or Libra, or have either of these horoscope signs Rising in your birth chart, this makes you especially sensitive to Venus Retrograde periods, and you'll want to understand more about the deeper meaning behind her gentle nap.

Venus governs our social expression and values -- what we "love." It rules marriage and other personal relationships, material possessions and money, our talents and abilities, the arts, beauty, harmony and, perhaps most important, our sense of self-worth.

For a Taurus or Libra, these are lifelong matters of concern and learning. Our souls evolve through integrating Venusian lessons in our daily life. Some days we dance gracefully, exuding her charm and harmony, but then there are times when her gifts seem beyond our grasp. Her balance eludes us and we stumble, recoil, and retreat from being that beautiful swan right back into the proverbial ugly duckling.

Love Consciousness: Themes Repeated

Whether you are ruled by Venus or not, this is exactly what happens to all of us when Venus turns retrograde. The love consciousness and all matters that are Venus-ruled are not easily expressed outward. We internalize our feelings and cannot easily convey what we want to the world. We question our very worthiness.

On May 15, Venus turns retrograde in Gemini at 24 degrees, and will move backwards until she reaches approximately 7 and a half degrees of Gemini on June 27. Astrology is the study of patterns and how these patterns reflect our human development. Venus will retrograde every 18 months, but she repeats certain cycles within this pattern, and every eight years an entire Venus retrograde cycle is repeated. It is helpful to know this because, looking back to the events of 8 years ago in this same time period will provide you with a good idea of what this current retrograde period may mean for you personally. Think back to May 2004. Themes will repeat.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini

Venus turns retrograde in the most capricious, intellectually insatiable horoscope sign, Gemini. When the planet of love, beauty and money turns retrograde in this sign, we find our love consciousness internalized in terms of how we think about love. We'll reconsider our choices in matters of the heart and decide if a change must take place in order to feed our minds. Gemini is the sign that demands intellectual stimulation, and if he is bored in love then he will tend to wander. Are your mind, body and soul equally stimulated in your current love relationship? If not, some change will be in order.

Venus Retrograde in Gemini will call us to examine the conversations and thoughts we have about our love relationships, finances and self-worth. What script plays inside your head when you consider these matters? Is it time for a change? These are the deeper questions all of us are challenged with during this Venus Retrograde period.

Consider the following quote: "If thou findest it not within, thou will never find it without" -- Anonymous

Love is a state of mind

Intellectual values are in the domain of this Venus Retrograde period as well. Are you guilty of indecision in matters of the heart? Of saying one thing to your partner and another thing to yourself? Have you been gossiping too much lately about love or money? Love, for Venus in Gemini, is truly all in the head, and your state of mind regarding your primary love relationship will need revision. Especially if you're lying to yourself about what you value or whom you love.

As you can see, Venus Retrograde is not the benign Sleeping Beauty she appears to be. Her lessons are harsh and demanding. Yet the rewards are priceless. This spring, you can learn about the value of communicating, that love should not defined by anyone else except for you. Your definition of the ideal love may not be the same as your partner's, but while this may pose a problem, ultimately it will offer the ultimate freedom in love. To love with an open heart, first you must have an open mind. This Venus Retrograde period will help you achieve both.

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