Jeff Jawer

Saturn in Libra Revisited

I was at the Northwest Astrology Conference (NORWAC) in Seattle this past weekend for their 27th annual event. It was exciting, as always, with lots of emphasis on the upcoming stressful squares between revolutionary Uranus and transformational Pluto. These transits represent the profound changes that are in the air now. One of our challenges is that these are powerful planets that tend to be disruptive to the psyche and threatening to the ego. Before we begin to wrestle with the best ways to express Uranus in Aries or Pluto in Capricorn, it's wise to lay a foundation that will support us during these transitional times.

Saturn is the last visible planet, and has represented boundaries and limits since the dawn of time. It is the planet of hard, cold reality, defining duties and responsibilities as well as doubts and fears. But Saturn is also the container in which we can hold and work with the energies of the radical outer planets Uranus and Pluto. It is in well-balanced Libra until Oct. 5, when it enters spicy Scorpio (we'll revisit this later this year). Saturn in Libra is about accommodation, meeting others halfway and recognizing that there are at least two sides to every situation. When we encounter individuals with beliefs that we oppose, it's an opportunity to keep an open mind and build bridges between us instead of erecting walls of resistance that keep us apart.

I recognize that there are people whose religious, political or other beliefs are totally alien to our own and resist any desire to connect or cooperate with them. Yet Saturn in Libra isn't about agreeing with disagreeable people; it is simply about opening a neutral space where judgment is suspended. This is a powerful position because it breaks the boundaries of polarization, creating the possibility for more amicable connections. It is about developing a peaceful attitude that invites cooperation or, at least, reduces the likelihood of conflict.

Clearly it is not desirable to abandon your principles, but it is equally unhealthy to refuse to listen to opposing ideas. There's an ebb and flow in Libra, a capacity to be like a sailor who can catch the wind and use it whether it's in his back or in his face. This gentler and less absolutist way of engaging the world keeps lines of communication open, overcomes the excesses of certainty and creates space between conflicting forces that invite change in gentler and more constructive ways.

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