Easy as Pi

I don't think I'm the only one whose stomach is in constant growl-mode today, fantasizing of warm, rich marionberry, apple and cherry crusty, baked goodness ... but I hate to break it to you: It's not "pie" day. It's March 14, or 3/14, a date now celebrated as "Pi" Day, because pi is that infinite mathematical number abbreviated 3.14.

Here at, I've become the resident go-to girl on Numerology and numbers, so this is especially a stand-out day for me. But it's not just math and numbers fans who are acknowledging this obscure holiday. #piday is usually a trending topic on Twitter on this date, Martha Stewart has acknowledged it on her Everyday Food Facebook page (linking, naturally, to delicious pie recipes), and there's an entire website devoted to celebrating this holiday, Fun fact: Mathematician Albert Einstein's birthday is even ... wait for it ... 3/14!

So what makes pi so amazing? It's one of the most important constants in mathematics, and has been used by number crunchers, scientists and engineers for centuries. Pi is used in a number of mathematical equations to determine things like the overall area of a circle or the volume of a cylindrical shape. While it's only been a holiday since the late 1980s, the number pi has been studied and used for thousands of years. Most recently, the infinite number of pi has been tracked down to its first one trillion digits past the decimal point. One trillion.

This vastly infinite number can make us feel small and it can make us feel hungry, but more than anything, this is a day to acknowledge the numbers that are around us every single day. Did you know that in Numerology, you have a Personal Day number each and every day? It's like your horoscope in Astrology, pointing out the type of day you might have, and it's derived using your unique birth date

If you're logged in as a member of, just head to the homepage and click the arrow to the right of your daily horoscope two times. Your "Numerology Number of the Day" will be displayed as your Personal Day number! Combine the insight from your Numerology number with the guidance you find in your Astrology horoscope for a more complete picture of your daily life.

You can learn even more about Numerology at our sister site Okay, now Happy Pi Day and go indulge your dessert cravings!

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