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Real Life Astrology: Taurus

I'm a total chocolate snob. I admit it freely, and I embrace this discriminating part of my personality with pride.

My former husband and I used to enjoy having "date nights" in Manhattan and testing out new restaurants. If we passed by one of my favorite chocolate stores, I'd give him a coy little smirk and watch him roll his eyes, pull over and say "I can't believe you spend this kind of money for a freaking piece of chocolate."

He doesn't understand. To him a Hershey bar would suffice. He thinks Godiva should be good enough since the rest of the world feels its amazing chocolate. But as a woman with a Taurus Sun, I beg to differ. My senses are acute. My taste is refined.

Why would you want to be so cruel to your taste buds and eat a chalky, cardboard excuse for chocolate when you could instead indulge your senses in real chocolate concoctions?

OK, so this brings me to the bad rap that we Taureans get for our "extravagance." Yes, I know it seems ridiculous to some of you to spend so much money on chocolate, but please, try to understand. Taurus is the horoscope sign most capable of enjoying any type of sensual pleasure.

We TRULY appreciate the feel of silk or flannel sheets. We revel in the sight and scent of our gardens. The sounds of life intoxicate us whether it's the snap of a string bean, or waves crashing into the shore. A hug from someone we care about makes us melt. And we always eat with our eyes first. By the time we get around to eating, we look around in pity at those shoving forkfuls in their mouth. How could anyone gulp down a culinary feast without taking the time to discover the delight of taste?

We appreciate quality and want this quality in all that we do, as well as in everything we accumulate. We can thank our ruling planet, Venus, for that. Venus rules beauty, values, harmony, pleasure and money. Ownership is important to Taurus, and every single Taurus out there feels most secure when they have a place of their own to call home and enough money in the bank. It makes us feel safe. We need this deeply so try not to judge us.

Because Taurus is the money sign, it's not uncommon to find a Taurus dealing with money lessons all through life. Money management, vast fluctuations in one's level of wealth and a slew of other issues having to do with the green stuff are often front and center.

Maybe it's not so much that Taurus knows how to make money that gives us the reputation for being the wealthiest sign, but thanks to our being a fixed sign, Taurus knows how to hold on to it. We hate spending money unless it's on something we truly value, and this is how Taurus will accumulate wealth. We may drop a pretty penny in our favorite chocolate store, but don't think we're not home clipping coupons for grocery shopping!

Being a fixed Earth sign, ruled by the planet of love makes us the most loyal horoscope sign. This sign usually marries for life. Taurus values stability and loyalty and doesn't give up on anything. It follows that Taurus will take on these qualities in relationships. If you have a Taurus friend or spouse, you're pretty much stuck with us folks! And if a relationship ends, it is so brutal on us. When my ex-husband demanded a separation, it was, without a doubt, one of the most devastating times in my life.

Taurus' Earth element also makes us practical. We must be productive and are driven to put form into matter. Whether it's raising our children or our stock portfolios, nothing delights us more than maintaining whatever we've produced. We must have something physical to show for our efforts in order to feel fulfilled. Grounding our talents and abilities is also how we establish our worth.

That's a big Taurus lesson by the way: self worth. Values are too, and many a Taurus will spend a lifetime establishing self-worth and contemplating their values. What am I worth? It's a question I know I've asked myself over and over again. What makes me worthwhile?

This takes us back to the "materialism" of Taurus. When this sign doesn't do the work to establish self-value, it becomes easy to define self-worth through possessions instead. Taurus can reason, "Well, I'm worth 10 million bucks and I've got all this property, jewels, the finest home with the most exquisite interior design, etc., so that must make ME worth something." Do you see the danger here? Of course not every Taurus will do this on such a large scale. Still, it's a lesson to learn.

My Zia has always been part of the glue that holds my family together. Her discipline and guidance remains with me today. She's the most devoted and loyal person I know. In fact she has, without any complaint, willingly cared for countless others -- sometimes until death. She is an exemplary model of a Taurean learning about values. Zia is probably a little over five feet in height, but I have to say -- she's the tallest woman I know! If only someday I could grow up to be as lofty as she is...

Oh, and we are a determined bunch. Please don't underestimate our sometimes docile nature. We may seem quiet and naive, but we're simply planning our strategy and waiting for the right time to act. There is great power in the Taurus ability to persevere. There is great power in listening instead of always rushing to speak.

Patience is a virtue and we'll wait forever for something if we want it bad enough. We can dig in our heels and refuse to budge; just try and move a stubborn Bull! This is a tribute to our success because we can weather any storm, but it can drive the people around us insane at times, especially when they believe we should move on.

I recently visited my Zia and she gave me a cutting from a rare plant she has nurtured for many years. She's patiently trained this into a sight to behold. I can't describe the lush, crinkly leaves that fall onto each other in a dazzling display of greenery, in a way that will do justice to this plants beauty. I do hope to someday have the same reward in my home. Zia warned me that this plant takes forever to mature and I'll need a lot of patience to see it through. Don't worry Zia, I understand. After all, we Taureans know that anything worthwhile in life takes time. And once we build it, it'll last forever.

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