Jeff Jawer

Uranus Square Pluto: Crisis in Consciousness

The debt limit debate in the United States continues to shake faith in the future of the economy. While politicians parlay and posture, the rest of us watch from the sidelines wondering what any of this has to do with the state of our reality. The drama surrounding the subject fits all too well with the approaching Uranus-Pluto square that’s exact next year. This stressful relationship between the planets of radical change and hanging on for dear life indicates that humanity (not just the economy or U.S. government) is standing at the edge of a historical shift.

This process really began when the opposition of orderly Saturn and Uranus appeared with the housing/insurance/banking crisis of 2008. Whether the decisions made then averted disaster or simply delayed it is still to be seen and, perhaps, these moves were like a puppet’s shadow play in which the real hands at work were hidden from view. The fact is that the manufacturing base of the U.S. economy has been eroding for years and that educational standards have been slipping since the 1980s. The consumerist society that gobbles up resources and produces enormous waste is unsustainable. The growing purchasing power of hundreds of millions in China and India are enhancing lives of individuals but increasing the rate of environmental degradation.

There is, however, good news in the midst of our materialist mire. It is that Uranus and Pluto represent the potential for a radical awakening of consciousness, which is where to real power of change lies. The emotional earthquakes of economic insecurity cause many people to hunker down and close their minds to the future. Fundamentalist religion and politics represent retreats to inflexible old beliefs that provide a false sense of certainty in uncertain times. Yet the ticking hands of time and the turning wheels of the planets never go backwards. No matter how much we idealize imaginary days of old, humanity’s task is to reinvent itself and redefine its purpose going forward rather than looking back.

Evolving out of the old forms of national and religious boundaries may seem like an impossible dream. How can we replace the current economic system without war and starvation? How can we find salvation without the old faiths that have brought us this far? The answers don’t come in finished form, bound in volumes of immutable wisdom to guide us into the future. They come as individuals choose to free themselves from the ignorance of habit and the blindness of fear. New truths can arise with a single insight that unhooks us from unconscious patterns that keep us in the dark. Individual awareness accumulates until collective consciousness evolves so the power lies within each of us to change our minds and, thus, to change the world.

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