Get ready for a shock to your love life! Love planet Venus is moving into energetic Aries on February 3, 2017, and love may see some ups and downs now. 

Keeping an eye on Venus is the best way to figure out a smart approach to love, so pay attention to the fact that Venus is spreading her sweet energy in the "warrior" sign! 

This simply means that the planet of beauty and partnership is now most directly influenced by one of the most fiery horoscope signs. This makes each of us think of love in more proactive terms, enabling us to be a bit more assertive about affection.

Drawing on Aries' most famous qualities, Venus is now inspiring us to energize our love lives by being a bit more spontaneous, either in how we flirt or the way we interact with significant others. It also makes us want to try new things and have new adventures when it comes to intimacy, whether that means testing out new personas in dating or suggesting outrageously fun activities with our partners.

Beware: Aries is also a restless sign, which means it's easier to grow bored of your relationship or a blossoming romance. Our sudden craving for new experiences can make us overlook the admirable qualities of the people we already have in our lives.

And although Aries is thought of as a true leader, this streak of ingenuity can make us more risk-taking in how (and who) we love. We are less liable to think through matters of the heart, which could put our own emotions -- or someone else's -- at the mercy of romantic whim. Be careful not to move too fast with a new partner, or to make drastic decisions about an established partnership. And don't take questions of commitment -- from being exclusive to cohabitating or even getting married -- lightly. It's easy to do when Venus is “under the influence” of Aries!

Go out there and have fun, just be smart! The good news is Venus changes signs about once every three weeks, so you can always be prepared by keeping tabs on Our Changing Sky.

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